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Customers can help limit losses through proper addressing, packaging and ensuring the crucial postal code is there and correct, Jones said.

Without that, cartons and envelopes can get damaged as they go zipping through sorting machines, some processing 11,000 items an hour.

As director of Mississauga plant operations at Canada Post’s largest parcel sorting facility, Carroll’s job is to make sure items are quickly unloaded, sorted and sent out again, especially premium products, from priority post to Xpresspost.

Items such as gold, i Pods, DVDs, teeth molds, contact lenses and oddly enough, stamps are stored for seven months before they are disposed of at the undeliverable mail office of Canada Post in Scarborough.

“I’d love if we could deliver things 100 per cent of time, every day without fail.

The reality is it is not achieved by Canada Post or its competitors.”Some items that go missing can be refunded or replaced, like an online book.

When Randy Carroll sees an item selling like hotcakes on the Shopping Channel, he knows to brace himself for the onslaught of parcels.Canada Post has spent million upgrading technology at the facility, and in the coming months, more machines will have optical character reading capability in hopes of boosting accuracy and speed.But with 18 million parcels and 5 billion letters a year, mistakes happen.“We move 70,000 parcel items a day,” Jones said.it's business days they count, Canada Post hasn't worked weekends for years Wouldn't this go by air if it's guaranteed 2 day delivery? Heck, since we have Purolator's Customer Service lurking here I might even give them a go; even if they are owned by Canada Post. Tell your son to call CP and they will refund him the cost of shipping. What get me is that the package didn't go anywhere in the last 4 days.

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Here, staffers are legally permitted to go through items searching for clues as to its owner.

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