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"Sports are 90 percent mental," she explains, "and I came to realize that there was this inner dialogue I was constantly having, where I'd be thinking, Oh, that was a horrible shot, and people must be laughing at you and you should be so embarrassed.I realized that if I was telling myself that during archery, I was probably doing it all the time in the rest of my life.Happy marriage, beautiful babies, blooming career: Everything is, finally, right on track.

"I'd find my worth through sacrificing everything for his sake. She was detained at a gown fitting, and now the rest of her jam-packed day is off-kilter.When she finally sits down at a funky outdoor café near downtown Los Angeles, wearing faded jeans, a hooded sweatshirt, and absolutely no makeup, she orders blueberry pancakes -- even though the sun has set long ago and most of her fellow patrons are eating dinner.It wasn't like I was sitting there saying, 'What do you mean, you don't know who the Beatles are?' It doesn't feel like we're from different generations, and now we barely notice it at all."Despite three previous marriages, Davis didn't hesitate to make a fourth trip down the aisle. I really did feel that I had turned a corner, that I had pulled off changes that were real and permanent.

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