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Desperate to find a way to earn enough money to pay off medical and mortgage bills, she'll do practically anything to save the home she loves.Unbeknownst to Fiona, her stepsisters enter her name in an online dating system, which she flat-out tells them she doesn't have time or the inclination. When Gage's date is reluctant to go out with him, he's challenged to win her over.When Logan returns, sparks fly and attraction sizzles, but they'll have to escape some very real demons if they have any chance of lasting forever.New Year's Eve is not going according to plan for Silver Harris when she catches her date kissing someone else. Tired of gold-diggers and society debutantes, he wants a woman who isn't after his money, and won't become a bridezilla-wanna-be when exposed to his high-society world and the trappings of wealth. Desperate to find a date to his own charity ball, billionaire Gage Tate agrees to give his friend's online dating system a try.The story had a problem in the beginning and then moved on solving that problem with a slight mystery air to it. The tale opened up with Joy Abercrombie, on her first day observing in the OR, watches an all self-absorbed surgeon stepping in as a replacement for Dr. Ego-mania radiated from him as one observer whispered to Joy "Ego swamp here." As he started barking orders, Joy watched the patient being wheeled in and stepped closer to view over a nurses shoulder. The patient was her boyfriend Craig, where earlier in the day he promised her that he would be home when she got there.The story continues when after Craig's death, she realizes she can see his spirit and can actually talk with him.

The story was a bit amusing with lighthearted comedy and I didn't think the story was going anywhere right at first, but, it did.Now she understands she can communicate with the Departed and starts to have what I felt was a Two years later, she needs to save her family's home from being foreclosed and with the amounting bills she has accumulated from medical school she needs to do something.She's working in the mortuary's Restorative Art room and the pay, well, it's just not there. Fredrick Botts, Funeral Director of Tranquility Park Funeral Home, whom loves to brainstorm ideas on how to advertise business and has a weak grasp on reality.Only he didn't count on falling for the pretty cowgirl, turned Cinderella.With her family ranch on the line, Fiona has no other choice than to accept Gage's offer and she's swept into a world of high-society, most girls would consider a dream come true.

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