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The game was played on February 1, 2009, at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida.

With this victory, the Steelers became the first team to win six Super Bowl championships.

Holmes didn't sign until mid-August last year and is in danger of falling out of the league. Jenkins sidelined, the Chiefs are down to just four healthy receivers.

Holmes was released by the Bears earlier this week and went unclaimed on waivers. 30-year-old Holmes struggled when on the field this season, but could provide a veteran option behind Dwayne Bowe.

While he had the benefit of using two hands, Holmes also had to keep his eye on the ball as it sailed through two defenders' hands, maintain his balance enough to get both feet on the ground with just centimeters between his toes and the sideline, and keep control of the ball as he hit the ground with a defender all over his back.

COLUMBUS - Top Pittsburgh Steelers draft pick Santonio Holmes faces trial next month for domestic violence despite the refusal of the alleged victim, the mother of his child, to cooperate with prosecutors.

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The former Ohio State player declined to talk to reporters.The Steelers traded up seven spots in the April draft to get the Ohio State University standout to replace wide receiver Antwaan Randle El. He faces arraignment on July 12 in the Miami Beach District Court following his Memorial Day weekend arrest for disorderly conduct in South Beach, Fla. To post comments, you must be a registered user on Holmes has two young sons with another woman in Florida, where he grew up. One Ohio criminal charge, an outstanding warrant for a 2005 traffic violation, went away yesterday after the victim agreed to accept 0 in immediate restitution for the costs of repairing her vehicle. Brandt dismissed the charge, but he set the trial date on the domestic violence charges. "These are two young people who are both successful," Shamansky said. Super Bowl XLIII was an American football game between the American Football Conference (AFC) champions Pittsburgh Steelers and the National Football Conference (NFC) champions Arizona Cardinals to decide the National Football League (NFL) champion for the 2008 season.The Steelers defeated the Cardinals by the score of 27–23.

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