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How long did that relationship that started out all tumultuous and confusing actually last you? On the flip side, if you're heading into your third year with someone...

I'm guessing things felt a little seamless and easy from the get-go.

So, this person just doesn't like you or is trying to tell you that they will most likely not end up liking you. *Anyone who is so obsessed with their friends that all of your dates consist of you meeting up with him/her and their social circle. The silver lining to this story is that she was totally not into him and his behavior gave her the perfect out. Cause if we're going to be totally honest, I'm not all that interested in hearing them. I mean, seriously, what part of do not comment on this post don't you understand?

This is a strike and not just a red flag, because it means this person doesn't think you're worth their alone time. Soliciting comments for your blog is totally lame and desperate so, please spare me and do not comment on this post.

Some cater to niche communities — 2005’s Farmers (self-explanatory), 2008’s music-based Rockn Roll, 2011’s astrology-based Moonit, and 2013’s LGBT female-only Dattch are just a handful of examples.

Do you guys abide by the three strikes and you're out rule?

This was a method my girlfriends and I tried to stick to with guys in the early stages of dating.

If you can use technology to access a larger pool of people — while also narrowing down that pool to those you may be genuinely compatible with — why wouldn’t you give it a shot?

These days, online dating comes in countless shapes and forms.

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When went live in 1995, the dating world was forever changed.

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