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Paska bread is always round in shape, and decorated with a dough braid around the perimeter, and an ornamental cross in the middle.The Cross reminds Christians that Christ died on the Cross for their salvation.Curiously enough, one has got to try 12 different paskas for Easter to get plenty of good luck for the next year. This mouth-watering bread is The best paskas are usually baked in wooden ovens, and with as little disturbances as possible.Great Ukrainian housewives instruct that during the baking of paska, no one should be allowed into the kitchen, except the housewife herself – to avoid the unnecessary noise and not to distract the bread from molding up into the most delicious pastry of Ukrainians.Paska is the favorite staple of Ukrainian Easter breakfast tables and is loved by both adults and children.Baked in dozens, it’s a popular give-away during Easter family visits.Join one of our tours where we put you together with the best Ukrainian housewives and healthiest home-grown garden veggies. Taste buds gone wild and a mind that forgot all about the calories and your New Year diet resolutions!

Some churches perform their basket blessing on Easter Sunday, after the Morning Liturgy.

Bordering with no less than 4 countries (Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, and Moldova), Carpathian cuisine brings together the best tastes of each land.

However, region’s most famous contribution to Ukrainian menu is – local salty sheep cheese, wild white mushrooms (preferably hand-picked from the nearest forest! Those, caring about the calories, can easily omit the last one. Don’t stare at the monumental and tantalizing roll of kielbasa in the background!

The true is cooked on fire, thousands of meters above the sea level in the midst of impressive Carpathian peaks and flourishing valleys, and always by men. The king on this photo is actually the round, decorated bread – or the famous Ukrainian Easter dish .

The best and closest recipe of traditional banosh is mentioned in the Gastronomical Me blog. This sweet egg bread is the rightful companion of the grand meat sausage.

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