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Open View("SELECT `Property`,`Value` FROM Msi Patch Metadata WHERE `Property`='Std Package Name'") q View. Fetch() 'Copy and rename the patch to the original file name o Fso. Patch Property("Local Package"),s Target Folder&"\"&record. String Data(2), TRUE End If End If 'Err = 0 Next 'patch o WShell.Run "explorer /e,"&chr(34)&s Target Folder&chr(34) Verify that all the required files are in the target folder (%Temp%\Updates).Script Source(Gist Link): ' Script Cryptor Project Options Begin ' Has Version Info: No ' Companyname: ' Productname: ' Filedescription: ' Copyrights: ' Trademarks: ' Originalname: ' Comments: ' Productversion: 0. Patches Ex(PRODUCTCODE_EMPTY, MACHINESID, MSIINSTALLCONTEXT_MACHINE, MSIPATCHSTATE_APPLIED) On Error Resume Next 'Enum the patches For Each patch in Patches If Not Err = 0 Then Err. Summary Information If Err = 0 Then If In Str(Sum Info.

However, when you have a 64-bit edition of Windows and you know that all your add-ins and other applications that rely on Office support the 64-bit edition of Office 2016, you can safely install the 64-bit edition.A quick way to locate Windows Update is to to open the Start Menu or Start Screen and type; Update.When you’ve switched successfully, the Windows Update screen will no longer show the “Find out more” link and should state: You receive updates: For Windows and other products from Microsoft Update.See KB2817430 for more information about acquiring Office 2013 SP1 for client products, and KB2880552 for more information about SP1 for Office 2013 server products. If you are looking for updates, Support has ended for Office 2007.

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Save the following Visual Basic script as “Collect Updates.vbs” Then run it to extract the update files that are installed on the test computer to a target folder. Expand Environment Strings("C:\")&"Office2013Updates" If Not o Fso. Create Folder s Target Folder s Message = "Patches are being copied to the C:\Office2013Updates folder." & vb Cr Lf & "A Windows Explorer window will open after the script has completed." o WShell.

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