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NCO aids analysis of gridded and unstructured scientific data.

The shell-command style of NCO allows users to manipulate and analyze files interactively, or with expressive scripts that avoid some overhead of higher-level programming environments.

UCI's primary role is to help extend CF to cover hierarchical data structures, aka groups.

An endorsement can be a few sentences that describes how NCO benefits your work or research.

E-mail your endorsement to Charlie “my surname is zender” Zender with Subject: “NCO Proposal Endorsement”. ” Yes, in 2012 NASA funded us to implement net CDF4 groups and HDF support, and in 2014 NASA funded us to improve SLD handling.

The operators are as general as net CDF itself: there are no restrictions on the contents of input file(s).

NCO's internal routines are completely dynamic and impose no limit on the number or sizes of dimensions, variables, and files.

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), user-defined and non-atomic types, more CF conventions, cloud-services, JSON back-end, and user-defined functions.

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