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This may be down to the casting of Ricki Lake who brings her likeability with her but doesn't quite have the punch to make the sarcasm work and it prevents the movie from really firing.

The other actors get it, Rachael Harris as Carla has the right tone and buzz to make her lines snappy and witty but unfortunately because Ricki Lake is the central character a lot of the jokes don't quite work.

Co-starring Holly Robinson Peete (For Your Love, Hangin' with Mr.

Linda Dackman has been diagnosed with breast cancer, but this does not prevent she from seeing the positive side of life and continue their quest for Prince Charming.

Fortunately whilst it means a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery she won't need to have chemo so that is something.

But for Linda having breast cancer and a mastectomy brings with it fear not just about the risk of dying but also what it means to her love life, will men ever find her attractive again?

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Some movies like Matters of Life & Dating: Lying to Be Perfect (2010), Celeste & Jesse Forever (2012), Carolina (2003), Sex and the City (1998), Never Again (2001).

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