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However skeptics argue that the main reason why Asian women seem be falling for White men is simply because White men prefer Asian women. Married Couple Family Groups, by Presence of Own Children/1 In Specific Age Groups, and Age, Earnings, Education, and Race and Hispanic Origin/2 of Both Spouses: 2006". Most Caucasian men appear to secretly believe the Oriental stereotype of the Asian women that swings between the two extremes of the submissive wife and the deeply sensuous geisha-like figure. Le, director of Asian and Asian-American Studies at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, "From an academic point of view, the perception still serves as a motivation for white men." However if this perception of the good, submissive Asian woman with a red sensual streak serves to offer a higher quality of life and a more equitable sexual relationship, there is no reason for young Asian women to refuse. Despite that, there is still a large number of American males who prefer the dominant role in their relationships.Although many of the Asian women they date are second-generation (or more) and are for the most part Americanized, it can still be successfully argued that the influence of Asian culture pervades despite exposure to American society.People may accuse Caucasian men of taking advantage of Asian women who don’t know to expect any better. Most, however, will deny that there are any ill intentions governing their preference for Asian women.Many will tell you that they simply want a woman who will give them the respect they deserve.

Traditional Asian cultures are known for overt or covert restrictions on women and having been brought up in such a household, Asian women are only too painfully familiar with the expectations that Asian men have from a wife of their own ethnic background.

Mixed race couples in the US are definitely on the rise.

While earlier more of white and black couples comprised the chunk of inter-racial relationships in mainstream society, nowadays Asian and white pairings appear to become more common, especially where the woman is Asian and the man Caucasian.

This kind of preference is in fact uncannily akin to a fetish - something that Asian women being courted by the white guys may not even be aware of, according to Bich Minh Nguyen who broaches the stereotypes in her latest novel, Short Girls. Finally things appear to boil down to the simple economics of market segmentation more than concerns of race and ethnicity. "Intimate Relationships Between Races More Common Than Thought", University of Michigan.

In case you want to find out why do Asian girls like white guys then check out this article and find out some reasons.

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However in 2006, 41 percent of Asian American-born women were registered as having White husbands, while 50 percent were married to Asian American men2.

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