Gemini and leos dating cherry blossom dating and romance

Image is very important to Leos as well, which fits right into the lifestyle of an entertainer.

Actors are often accused of having big egos and a Leo's huge ego craves both attention and adoration.

They may use deceit to appear as something they are not if they feel they are not held in high enough regard.

The importance of image can be seen as self-centeredness, their love and demand for power and recognition can often be overbearing, and a Leo's love for excitement and doing things in a really big manner can lead them to loathe the ordinariness of every day life.

is a writer, performer, and teacher who loves writing and performing personal narratives.

Leo (July 24th-Aug 23rd) is the fifth sign of the zodiac.

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Another trait Leos have that makes them good entertainers is that they will not settle for second best.

That headstrongness that it takes to tenaciously pursue a career in the arts is a trait of which most Leos have.

Leos also have a flair for the dramatics, so they are also born entertainers.

Their natural creativeness and magnetism attract others to them and they truly enjoy being the focal point of any situation.

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