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The essayist was Toru Dutt, a Hindu girl of eighteen, daughter of Govin Chunder Dutt, for many years a justice of the peace at Calcutta. D., Professor of Literature in the Catholic University of America, Washington, D. n 1874 there appeared in the Bengal Magazine an essay upon Leconte de Lisle, which showed not only an unusual knowledge of French literature, but also decided literary qualities. B., Professor of Literature, Columbia University, New York City. Her essays on Leconte de Lisle and Joséphin Soulary, and a series of English translations of poetry, were the fruit of her labor. D., President of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich. She showed great aptitude for the French language and a strong liking for the French character, and she made a special study of French romantic poetry. D., Late Professor of the Germanic and Scandinavian Languages and Literatures, Cornell University, Ithaca, N. After four years' travel in Europe the Dutts returned to India to resume their student life, and Toru began to learn Sanskrit. A memory of this visit appears in Toru's little poem, 'Near Hastings,' which shows the impressionable nature of the Indian girl, so sensitive to the romance of an alien race, and so appreciative of her friendly welcome to English soil.

The birds were silent in the wood; The lotus flowers exhaled a smell, Faint, over all the solitude; A heron as a sentinel Stood by the bank.In 1878, the year after the poet's death, appeared a second edition of 'A Sheaf Gleaned in French Fields' containing forty-three additional poems, with a brief biographical sketch written by her father. " Along the road, in morning's glow, The peddler raised his wonted cry. " The roadside trees still dripped with dew And hung their blossoms like a show. 'Twas but a few; A ragged herd-boy, here and there, With his long stick and naked feet; A plowman wending to his care, The field from which he hopes the wheat; An early traveler, hurrying fast To the next town; an urchin slow Bound for the school; these heard and passed, Unheeding all,—"Shell bracelets, ho! [Pg 5079]Be sure, he will not let thee pass Without the value, and a meal. No money hath he,—then reveal; "Within the small box, marked with streaks Of bright vermilion, by the shrine, The key whereof has lain for weeks Untouched, he'll find some coin,—'tis mine. Not weak she seemed, nor delicate; Strong was each limb of flexile grace, And full the bust; the mien elate, Like hers, the goddess of the chase On Latmos hill,—and oh the face Framed in its cloud of floating hair!The many translators of the 'Sakoontala' and of other Indian dramas show how difficult it is for the Western mind to express the indefinable spirituality of temper that fills ancient Hindu poetry. The road ran straight, a red, red line, To Khigoram, for cream renowned, Through pasture meadows where the kine, In knee-deep grass, stood magic bound And half awake, involved in mist That floated in dun coils profound, Till by the sudden sunbeams kist, Rich rainbow hues broke all around. " Pellucid spread a lake-like tank Beside the road now lonelier still; High on three sides arose the bank Which fruit-trees shadowed at their will; Upon the fourth side was the ghat, With its broad stairs of marble white, And at the entrance arch there sat, Full face against the morning light, A fair young woman with large eyes, And dark hair falling to her zone; She heard the peddler's cry arise, And eager seemed his ware to own. No painter's hand might hope to trace The beauty and the glory there!Newlywed Pharrell Williams, 40, was seen looking stylish as he made a quick run out with a bright yellow Goyard bag, a huge army fatigue jacket, blue jeans, Timberland boots and a fedora to top off the look.Sandra Bullock’s adorable adopted son Louis Bullock spent the day hunting for the perfect pumpkin at a pumpkin patch in Los Angeles.

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