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Today it has an estimated 24 million active monthly users, nearly 3 million in Canada, and it’s used primarily by 18- to 34-year-olds. It whittles the once-complicated time suck of seeking love online into one explicit question: do you look like someone I might want to have sex with? If not, you swipe left, and another possible partner appears on your phone screen. Tinder users can evaluate 50 potential partners in the time it might take to have a meaningful in-person interaction with one.

You only get “matched” if the person you expressed interest in reciprocates, which is the second prong in the Tinder success strategy: the absence of rejection, and all of the emotional turmoil and self-loathing that goes with it. It’s an easy fit for a generation that has grown up communicating via text, problem solving with Google, shopping on Amazon, and sharing life’s magical (and not-so-magical) moments through Instagram.

The first time I heard about Tinder was in early 2013, from a friend who works on the trading floors in Toronto.These women are part of a generation reared on Sheryl Sandberg and Marissa Mayer—ambitious, fearless and wildly confident about what they want.They have no time to nurture long-term relationships.You need to be accommodating of his schedule and time constraints or he will get frustrated and find another woman." Jezebel took issue with the unflattering picture Daniels' list painted of both women and men, but it's also just hard to understand why the Wall Street man is the ideal catch -- I mean, haven't they as a group engaged in some seriously suspect behavior over the last few years?Given that women under 30 now out-earn their male peers in some cities, it seems like there's less incentive than ever to land a Wall Street guy.

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