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Each could be an in depth article of their own as they are large and important areas of practice and study. Tabular data is described in terms of observations or instances (rows) that are made up of variables or attributes (columns). The idea of a feature, separate from an attribute, makes more sense in the context of a problem.

A feature is an attribute that is useful or meaningful to your problem. I think there is no such thing as a non-meaningful feature.

In natural language processing, a document or a tweet could be an observation, and a phrase or word count could be a feature.

In speech recognition, an utterance could be an observation, but a feature might be a single word or phoneme.

This is the problem that the process and practice of feature engineering solves.

— Mohammad Pezeshki, answer to “What are some general tips on feature selection and engineering that every data scientist should know?

feature engineering is another topic which doesn’t seem to merit any review papers or books, or even chapters in books, but it is absolutely vital to ML success.

[…] Much of the success of machine learning is actually success in engineering features that a learner can understand.

In this section we look at these many approaches and the specific sub-problems that they are intended to address.Even your framing of the problem and objective measures you’re using to estimate accuracy play a part.Your results are dependent on many inter-dependent properties. With well engineered features, you can choose “the wrong parameters” (less than optimal) and still get good results, for much the same reasons.— Pedro Domingos, in “A Few Useful Things to Know about Machine Learning” (PDF) It is common to think of feature engineering as one thing.For example, for a long time for me, feature engineering was feature construction.

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” Machine learning algorithms learn a solution to a problem from sample data.

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