Consolidating post offices

After 47 ronin kill a daimyō in his Edo headquarters in revenge of their former daimyō's death, they are ordered to commit seppuku.This was an important precedent as it showed that the government now held civil law over the acceptance of military honor.In addition, the power of the throne and of Buddhist clerics are severly limited.Hidetada retires and his son, Iemitsu, becomes third Shōgun.The bakufu further limits the emperor's powers by stripping him of the right to select and nominate senior priests.

Ieyasu troops enter the inner defense areas of Ōsaka Castle. Hideyori commits suicide and his mother is killed by a retainer to prevent her capture. Ieyasu imposes 17 clause code of conduct on the military class (the Buke Shohatto).

He continues the political process of consolidating his power while living in Sumpu.

Ieyasu hands over the title of Shōgun to his son Hidetada but continues the process of consolidating his political power from his residence in Sumpu.

As he continues to reassign the daimyō to various fiefs, he is careful to ensure that all tozama daimyō are surrounded, and watched over, by fudai daimyō.

Ieyasu begins a siege of Ōsaka castle by sending 70,000 troops under the command of Hidetada to surround the castle.

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