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And it calls men—Christian men—to love and romance their wife.Mahaney explains that marriage then is intended to be a picture of how Christ relates to his Church.That is how a wife with children comes to feel primarily like a mother.And that is why the very idea of asking a question like this can cause many husbands to swallow hard and consider going off to watch a little TV.I saw that my commute could be best utilized as a time of transition, so that I might be prepared to finish the day by loving and serving my family well.So I made a practice of pulling the car over a few blocks from my home so I could take a couple of minutes to make an effective transition in my soul.In this way I learned to see my home as the context where I have my greatest privilege and opportunity to serve…. 50-51:]I found Mahaney’s chapter on “The Language of Romance” to be very interesting.I was challenged to be more intentional in how I communicate with my wife, and to stop neglecting poetry as a means of arousing her love.

The following story was a challenge and encouragement for me to remember that I am to love and serve my wife and family as Christ serves and loves the Church.

It’s purpose is to arouse romantic passion—to inflame slowly and intentionally, all the while honoring and delighting one’s spouse….

Long before they begin to enjoy one another’s bodies, they excite one another’s minds with tender, creative speech.

When our first two children were still quite young, I realized that my commute home in the evening was functioning as little more than a review of my day.

As far as I was concerned, by the time I got in that car, my responsibilities were pretty much over until the next morning.

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