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With g_b from the update, Client A can also compute the shared key Please note that your client must support Forward Secrecy in Secret Chats to be compatible with official Telegram clients.A TL object of type Decrypted Message is created and contains the message in plain text.Note that as of version 4.6, major Telegram clients are using MTProto 2.0.MTProto v.1.0 is deprecated and is currently being phased out.For backward compatibility, the object must be wrapped in the constructor decrypted Message Layer with an indication of the supported layer (starting with 46).

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Executing this method before each new key generation procedure is of vital importance.

It makes sense to cache the values of the parameters together with the version in order to avoid having to receive all of the values every time.

Let us consider the following scenario: User A would like to initiate encrypted communication with User B.

User A executes Dh Config to obtain the Diffie-Hellman parameters: a prime p, and a high order element g.

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Important: using the server’s random sequence in its raw form may be unsafe.

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