Charmed 1x04 dead man dating

Prue attempts to help a young man, who desires to become a priest in order to avoid fulfilling his destiny as a warlock of the Evil Charmed Ones.

Meanwhile, Phoebe tries to get Piper to stop shying away from a date with Josh.

Phoebe's fear of the Woogyman amuses Prue and Piper, until an earthquake releases a shadow demon.

Phoebe under the control of the Woogyman tries to kill Prue and Piper, who must find a way to rescue Phoebe and get rid of the Woogyman.

Prue helps a young witch who has been kidnapped, and renews her own faith in having children.

Meanwhile Phoebe and Piper cast a spell to attract men, but it turns out too strong, and they can barely escape their myriad of admirers.Piper casts a spell to swap her powers with Leo's but mistakenly the spell causes Prue and Phoebe's powers to swap.Meanwhile Andy leaves his job to help protect Prue's secret from being exposed by an Internal Affairs investigation.A warlock from the past is released from his curse and tries to steal the sisters' powers with the help of Rex and Hannah, but the sisters resurrect their ancestor to combat him.Meanwhile, Piper works up her courage to ask Leo out and Andy gets frustrated by Prue's continued involvement with bizarre police investigations.

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