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Part 7 – Practice and Implementation: In these final 2 lessons of this training program, Bobby focuses on a very key aspect of improving your conversation skills with women, which is practice and implementation.Some guys will receive coaching or study pick up advice for years and years, and continue to struggle with women.Part 8 – Outer Game Practice: In this final lesson, Bobby continues to explain the importance of practice and implementation.However, he talks about the best way to go about doing this.

Kind of seems like it would be a bit overwhelming doesn’t it? So just keep that in mind when you start learning and implementing the content of this training program.

Part 5 – Rapport-Building-Blueprint: In this lesson, Bobby talks about his love/hate relationship with the idea of building rapport, but then goes on to say how when you get good at building rapport, not only does it help your relationships with women, but it also helps your relationships with everyone else in your life.

While building too much rapport with women can actually hurt your chances of getting her to want to be with you, it a vital aspect when it comes to attracting women.

Making use of these lessons will result in you bringing women back to your bedroom with ease, or getting in loving, reciprocating relationships.

This Conversation Escalation review will provide you with some detailed descriptions of each of these 8 audio lessons, the bonus programs which are included with every special offer purchase, and the pros, cons, and individual ratings for our product criteria in the product summary section at the end.

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